Cooling Method Air-Cooled Type
Type Temperature Controller (energy conservation)
Cooling Capacity (W) 2600/2950
Heating Capacity (W) 3250/3550
Temperature Control Precision (°C) +-0.1
Setting Temperature Range (°C) 11~42
Use Area Temperature (°C) 15~35 (change in temperature gradient: within 1°C/1h)
Use Area Humidity (%RH) 15~85(change in temperature gradient: within 5%/1h) (No condensation)
Processed Air Volume (m2/min)(50Hz) 9.5/10
External Dimensions(mm) H1115×W450×D700
Volume (kg) 88
Coating Color Ivory(JPMA: Semi-gloss Y22-85B)
Blower Duct Connection Diameter (mm) φ150 with damper
Rated Voltage (V) Three-phase AC200
Consumption Current (A) 4.45/4.3
Wattage (W) 965/1245
Drain Discharge Water Connection Diameter (mm) 20A Female socket (Rp3/4)
Coolant HFC-134a 730g
Exhaust Air Volume (m3/min) 20/24
Safety Circuit/Main Circuit Earth leakage circuit breaker (10A 30mA)
Safety Circuit/Blower Overcurrent relay, delay timer (3 minutes), surge absorber
Safety Circuit/Compressor Anti-freezing mechanism cooler prevention, overcurrent relay, motor protectors, surge absorber
Output/Main Unit Malfunction Output No-voltage contact a (AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
Output/Temperature Control Top-Bottom Limit Alarm No-voltage contact a (AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
*Cooling and heating capacity is the value in the body of the balloon when RH 25°C / 40% ambient temperature.
*The temperature control precision constant temperature and humidity chamber JTMK01 - are based on the method set forth in Section 2 (Japan Testing Machinery Association) how to display performance test methods and performance.
*Guarantee the accuracy of the point and one outlet in reading body temperature controller equipped with air conditioners, duct thermal interference due accuracy is not covered under warranty.
*In addition, this product is intended to suppress the fluctuation of air temperature, but do not guarantee the absolute value of the temperature.
(For bias correction function is equipped.)
*Ambient temperature and humidity.
Some may not be able to also control the temperature within the range set.
*Is the value of the processing air volume in the outlet body. 
*Dimensions above are body dimensions. Mounting flange, protrusions are not included.
*Current consumption, power consumption may vary depending on surrounding environment temperature and humidity and conditions of use.
*For air-cooled type, there is waste heat from the equipment. (With exhaust chamber as an option)
*Ambient environment at low temperatures below ambient temperature of the protective device is used to work, we will automatically shut down the compressor only.
*In that case, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the above, please use the ambient temperature in the range of use.
*The actual mounting on the check, I hope specification contained in the instruction manual, the precautions.
*If you need instruction manual in advance on the design, please contact your nearest sales office.

Parts list supplied

Anchor Mount 2
User Manual 1

Optional Parts List

Duct Set o
Return Chamber o
Exhaust Chamber o
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Sensor dimensions


Temperature Control Range Chart

[Range: temperature control *1]
Range showed a correlation between temperature and ambient temperature the unit can be configured.
Temperature control accuracy of this unit (+- 0.5 °C) is applied to the set temperature within this range.
[Range: temperature control *2]
Although outside the scope of warranty (+- 0.5 °C) temperature control accuracy, range and showed a correlation of temperature and ambient temperature the unit can be configured.
*Measurement conditions
AC100V 60Hz (1) single-phase power supply:
Ambient humidity: 40% RH (2)
Blowing air volume: 1.0m / min (3)
Sensor is mounted in the body of the performance of the outlet air outlet body (4)
The body, without mounting the fan duct (5)