Cooling Method Air-cooling type
Cooling Capacity(W) 5800/6200
Heating Capacity/Quick Heating (W) 0.0
Heating Capacity/Control Heating (W) 6000
Temperature Control Precision (°C) +-(high-precision mode) 0.10
Water Setting Temperature Range (°C) -10~80
Circulated Water Pure or distilled water (electric conductivity of 1~10µS/cm), ethylene glycol solution (strength of 30% or less)
Use Area Temperature (°C) 5-40
External Dimensions(mm) H1250×W440×D800
Volume (kg) 135
Rated Voltage (V) Three-phase AC200
Consumption Current/MIN (A) 10.5/11.2
Consumption Current/MAX (A) 30.5/31.2
Wattage/MIN (W) 2950/3450
Wattage/MAX (W) 8950/9450
Power Supply Capacity (kVA) 15
Ciculation Pump/Rated Output (W) 600
Ciculation Pump/Rated Flow Volume (ℓ/min) 35/40
Ciculation Pump/Pump Lift (m) 18/28
Maximum Tank Volume (ℓ) 38
Coolant R-407C 1200g
Noise (dB) 65/68
Safety Circuit/Compressor Protector temperature (135°C OFF), overcurrent relay
Safety Circuit/Refrigeration Cycle Pressure switch
Safety Circuit/Circulated Water Circuit Water pressure sensor, Wed deletion / Irrigation / SW float filled with water detected
Safety Circuit/Pump Overcurrent relay
Safety Circuit/Fan Motor Overcurrent relay
Safety Circuit/Heater Thermo-Over-Temperature (90°C OFF), current fuse
Input-Output/Alarm Output No-voltage contact a ( AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
Input-Output/Water Temperature Top-Bottom Limit Alarm No-voltage contact a ( AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
Input-Output/Water Supply Valve/Operation Output No-voltage contact a ( AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
Input-Output/External Temperature Sensor Input Pt100
Input-Output/External Control Input Non-voltage input
Input-Output/Emergency Shutdown Input Non-voltage input
Input-Output/RS-232C Half-duplex, three-wire, one-on-one
Functions Circulating water pressure alarm function,
Circulating water pressure display function,
Circulating water temperature alarm function,
Heater power display function,
Pump running time display function,
Anti-freezing operation function,
Digital filter function,
Password setting function,
Auto-tuning function,
Function ON / OFF timer,
Key lock function,
Error history memory function,
Cascade control function,
External temperature input function
Safe Performance Timer condition compressor, close assist pump, adjuster for fixing, double safety pan



Pump capacity