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The CanNeed-RPG-100 is able to scan profiles of seaming Rolls and Chucks (or other tooling - including carbide and ceramic tools) easily and quickly. The system can be used for acceptance testing for new seaming rolls or chucks, for quality assurance purposes and for stress analysis. Monitor tooling wear to replace rolls and chucks only when they need to be replaced 
Placing faulty Rolls or Chucks in the production line without inspection can produce faulty seams - which can stop production (or worse).

CanNeed-RPG-100 is the first dedicated computerized non-contact seaming Roll and Chuck inspection system. By scanning the profile, it is capable of detecting defects, analyzing angles, radii, measuring distances and automatically measuring the differences between a roll's specification and the current scan.




Reversing engineer tooling design
Comparing designs from different manufacturers
Locating duplicate roll & chuck designs - reducing inventory 
Cataloging rolls & chucks 
Acceptance testing for rolls and chucks - preventing mistakes in production! 
Monitoring tool wear to replace rolls and chucks only when they need to be replaced 
Isolating bad profile designs 
Comparing design with manufacturing

Technical Data


Resolution: 0.007mm, or better
Roll & chuck Diameter: 45 to 170mm (bigger by ordering)
Distance from roll bottom to groove: Up to 50mm
Angles: Up to 89.4 degrees
Range: 6 mm