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SOL Mini Float Type Level Switch


Mini Float Type Level Switch
It is operated by using reed switch and a magnet. As the float rises or falls with the level of the liquid, the reed switch in the pipe is activated by the magnet in the float and relay point comes out. This relay point can be used single point for low level or high level at small-capacity tank. When ordering, various designs are available depending on usages and various materials according to kinds of liquid.
•Standard: 57mm
•Optional: Within 1000mm
•SOL-5 : -10℃∼100℃
•SOL-2B/2P : -10℃∼90℃
•SOLH-3 : -10℃∼90℃
•SOL-5/2B : Max. 10㎏/㎠
•SOL-2P : Max. 5㎏/㎠
•SOLH-3 : Max. 5㎏/㎠
•Compact size 
•Low cost
•Reliability/Long switch life 
•Usable with wide range of liquids 
•Easy installation
•Standard : 1 point
•Optional : 2∼4 point
•Contact capacity : 
0.5A 300V AC
0.5A 300V DC
•Coffee vending machine 
•Medical devices
•Vending machine analyzer 
•Air conditioner and cooler 
•Agricultural machines
•Oil pressure & lubricant oil device 
•Oil pressure machines


ST-POINTS Float Type Level Switch


Float Type Level Switch
The principle of the reed switch and magnet's operation is identical to that of the SOL model on the left, but it is designed to be applicable to various industrial sites with adverse environments, and unlike the SOL, which is for single electric contact, a number of electric contacts can be installed. the concept of selective control was applied to the separately sold Control Unit's micro processor in order to enable the device to adjust to various and complicated requirements of industrial sites. 

- Control unit (separately sold) 
• Within 5m 
•304SS/316SS/PTFE : -10℃∼100℃
•PVC : -10℃∼60℃
•304SS/316SS : Max. 10㎏/㎠
•PVC/PTFE : Max. 2㎏/㎠
•Low cost
•Easy installation 
•Applied to various fluid tanks
•Various materials are applied to the
sensor according to the measured
substance and the tank condition
•SLCA-HL can turn the Pump ON and OFF. 
It uses the HH and LL alarm. 
•Two-wire type possible.
•Standard : 1∼4 point
•Optional : 5 point
•Contact capacity : 
0.5A 300V AC
0.5A 300V DC
•Fuel tank
•Water purification plant
•Bunker C oil & oil tank
•Sewage processing
•Beverage factory
•Chemical plant
MAT'L : 304/316SS, PVC, PTFE


SQ Quick Float Type Level Switch


Quick Float Type Level Switch
When the float becomes afloat by the change in the surface, the internal Balance Weight instantly moves to the other side, and because of the rapid change in the center of gravity, the Float turns upside down like a tumbler, and operates the micro switch or the mercury switch in order to show the electric contact and control the level. It is usually used for the level control of domestic or other waste water

- Control unit (separately sold) 
•Standard :5m
•Optional: Within 20m
•SQM/H/C : -10℃∼70℃(plastic)
•SQE : -10℃∼150℃(316SS)
•SQM/H/C : 2㎏/㎠(ABS plastic)
•SQE : Max. 10㎏/㎠(316SS)
•Low cost
•Easy installation
•Applied to waste water and sewage 
•The electric contact location can be controlled on-site 
•Two-wire type possible.
•Standard : 1∼4 point
•Optional : 5 point
•Contact capacity : 
SQM : 0.4A 100V AC(Micro S/W)
SQH : 3A 250V AC(mercury S/W)
SQC/E : 1A 120V AC(Micro S/W)

•Excrement tank
•Industrial waste water 
•Agricultural sewage processing 
•Other waste water treatment plant
•General water tanks


SH(SEC) Electrode Type Level Switch


Electrode Type Level Switch
A device that measures by using the conductivity principle of fluid. When the measured fluid contacts the electrode pole installed at each of the desired level, the electric contact signal required by the site is put out step by step, by the conductance of the electrode pole for the Earth and the respective electrode pole. Based on the measuring principle, this device cannot be used for fluids that are not conductive. 

- Separately sold Control Unit
•Standard : 2m
•Optional : Within 5m 
•Applied to a wide range of fluids 
•Enable to organize 6 poles 
•Easy installation and operation 
•Two-wire type application
•Control & lowest/highest extreme alarm
•Standard : 1∼4 poles 
•Optional : over 5 poles
•Water processing tank
•Industrial water 
•water for storage and agriculture 
•Other tanks such as for pump control 
Material : 304/316SS (PE or PTFE Tubing)


STT Tilt Level Switch


Tilt Level Switch
틸트의 내부에 내장된 수은스위치가 부력에 의해서 동작하는 
계기로서 변화하는 분체가 틸트에 도달하면은 틸트가 뒤집어지면서 수은스위치를 동작시켜 접점을 출력하여 레벨을 
조절할 수 있도록 동작
ㆍ기본형 : 5m
ㆍ옵션형 : 10m
ㆍ검출위치 현장 조정가능
ㆍ간단한 설치
ㆍ접점용량 : 1A 120 VAC
ㆍ곡물류, 석탄, 광석, 모래 


SF Liquid Flow Switch


Liquid Flow Switch
벨로우즈의 원리를 이용하여 동작하는 계기로서 파이프 속에서 일정량의 액체가 흐르게 되면 파이프 속으로 취입된 플로워
스위치의 패달이 밀리면서 벨로우즈가 수축됨과 동시에 
마이크로스위치를 동작시켜서 출력접점을 내주는 동작
ㆍPT 3/4" : 1"
ㆍPT 1" : 3"
ㆍ옵션형 : 6"
ㆍ기본형 : -10℃∼80℃
ㆍ옵션형 : -10℃∼100℃
ㆍMax. 10㎏/㎠
ㆍ견고한 기계구조와 안정된 동작 
ㆍ관경크기에 따른 패달 선택 
ㆍ방수형 구조 
ㆍ폭 넓은 유량 범위
ㆍ접점용량 : 10A 250 VAC