INFRA S50 Sigcom VietNam PTC VietNam

With INFRA S50 Sound Level Meter it is easy to perform unattended monitoring of Noise from Building activities and traffic.

The Sound Level Meter is connected to the INFRA buscable with a T-connector.

INFRA S50 is a type 1 meter. It measures simultaneously max level and equivalent level with a selectable time interval (5 seconds – 20 minutes). It is also possible to set a trig level for a recording of a sound clip with up to 10 seconds duration. In INFRA Net it is possible to listen to the sound clip to identify the reason for a high level. It is also possible to apply a frequency analysis (third octave). Measuring range 20-135 dBA/dBC

All data from the sound level meter is recorded in the INFRA Master and can be automatically sent with GPRS to your database. You can connect more than one sound level meter to one INFRA Master. It is also possible to combine the Sound Level Meter with Geophones.