List giá sẵn PTC VietNam, Model: SDS4021
(SDS4011 is no longer available) MV0000026953 Servo inverter
Recommended motor power 2.00 kW; Rated current 3 x 3,0 A
Maximum current max. ca. 5s, ±3% / 6A; Input voltage 3x400V +32/-48% 50Hz; Input voltage 3x480V +10/-56% 60Hz; Protection class IP20; Input voltage 400V_3ph; POSI upgrade Standard
Version Standard software  V 4.x
Modification Without modification; Type electronics SDS 4021

Model: PRM2-063Y11/30-24EK

PNOZ X11P 24VAC 24VDC 7n/o 1n/c 2so Safety Relay
PZE X4 24VDC 4n/o Safety Relay
PNOZ X3 24VAC 24VDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so Safety Relay

Model: dbk+4/M12/3BEE/M18 E+S
ultrasonic sensors

Model: DDW-120
Industrial Ethernet ; No. 3621-0110

Model: ioLogik E2242
Active Ethernet I/O server, 4AI/12DIO
Model: ioLogik E1241
Remote Ethernet I/O with 4AO, and 2-port Switch
Model: ioLogik E1242
Remote Ethernet I/O with 4AI, 4DI, 4DIO, and 2-port Switch

Mod. TB7
Tool Balancing Machine
Tool and tool holder vertical axis balancing machine with safety 
guard “C” class for rotor diameter up to 400mm

Model: ETB-500
Tension Meter
Model: ETX-500
Tension Meter

Breakglass Call Point, IP66 & IP67, Material: GRP, Certification: ATEX
approved Ex II 2GD, Ex d e IIC T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T85C Db (Ex d e mb T4 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T135C Db if resistors fitted), SIL2 approval, Cable Entries: 2 x M20 Bottom, Glass Label (2): BREAK GLASS
PRESS HERE, Switches: Single Changeover (VDC), Features: Lift Flap, EOL Resistor (Please specify details with order), Terminals: 7 x 2.5mm2, Finish: Red

Model: LD2100
Distance-read leak detection controller; LED display, web enabled, includes LC-KIT (leader cable & EOL), requires PSWA-DC-24 or LD-ENC
Model: PSWA-DC-24
Power adapter; 100-240VAC to 24VDC, 50/60Hz, w/barrel connector, includes type A blade
Model: SC-100
Sensing cable; conductive fluids, 100ft/30.48m, pre-installed male/female connectors
Model: JC-10
J-clips; qty 10 (for use with SC, SC-R, SC-ZH and NSC)

Model: Alpha 608B standard system
1 receiver + 1 transmitter
(6) double-speed + (2) single-speed pushbuttons

BTL027E  is no more valid and replaced by Ordering code: BTL2MMM
BTL0FC4 is no more valid and replaced by Ordering code: BTL15TR

Model: 330180-50-00

Model: 330930-040-03-00

PZE X4 24VDC 4n/o Safety Relay
PNOZ X11P 230-240VAC 24VDC 7n/o 1n/c 2so Safety Relay
PNOZ X3P  24-240VACDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so Safety Relay

BOD 63M-LB04-S115 Photoelectric Sensors
BCC M418-0000-1A-046-PS0825-400 Single-Ended Cordsets

Item no: 00384472
DSM115N-44U2905 0096/0850X1 K P P 52 Asusf: Galluss
Three-Phase Synchronous Motor
According Drawing  no M1156N19G
Torque M = 0.65 Nm; Speed n=2900 l/min; Power P = 200W
Current I = 5.5 A; Voltage Uzk = 48 V; Gearbox ratio i =6.75:1
M2 = 350 Ncm; N2 = 430 l/min
With integrated electronic, 1-Q-Controller BKR04, with CAN interface, not isolated plug 12-pin c 

Model: SCTDF-SL-200-F1.1/4-DI-E
Flow Meter ; *Fluid: DI. WATER ; *Flows: 10 ~ 200 LPM
*Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60 ℃ ; *Material of Body : SUS 316
*Connection Type : 1.1/4" Flange Type; *O-ring : EPDM
*Power: DC 24V ; *Output signal: 4-20mA

Code: MW550-421-221
Mechanical Vibration Switch
Hazard Rating - ATEX, IECEx Flame Proof, Ex d IIB + H2, T6
Contacts – DPDT ; Full Scale Range - 5 g
Reset Coil & Start Up Delay - 230 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 1.8 AMP
Wiring Entry/Mounting Plate - 3/4 NPT; METRIX 5097 / VS-2-EX/366
Environmntal Rating - NEMA 4X, IP 66

Model: HCD2-FBPS-1.23.500
Power Supply
Model: HCD2-FBPS-1.500
Power Supply

BES M12MF1-PSC10F-S04G  Inductive Sensors

Code: EL5001
1-channel SSI sensor interface ; No. 122362
Code: CX1100-0004
Power Supply / Netzteil ; No. 124744
for basic module CX1010 and CX1020, E-bus capable
- Power supply 24 V DC (-15%/+20%)
- E-bus connection (adapter terminal)
- E-bus power supply up to 2 A
- FSTN display: 2 lines x 16 characters text, illuminated, Navi-Switch 4+1
- Diagnostic LED: 1 x PWR, 1 x L/A, 1 x RUN- Degree of protection: IP 20
- Operating/storage temperature: 0°C...+55°C/ -25°C...+85°C
Code: EL2024
4-channel digital output terminal 24 V DC ; No. 128647
2 A, 2-wire technology
Code: EL5001
1-channel SSI sensor interface ; No. 122362
Code: EL4034
4-channel analog output terminal -10 V ... 10 V,12 bit 4 x 2-wire technology

PSS Conv USB / RS 232
PNOZmulti Chipcard 1 piece 8kB
Basic License for PNOZmulti Config
PNOZ X3P 24VDC 24VAC 3n/o 1n/c 1so Safety Relay
PNOZ s4 24VDC 3 n/o 1 n/c

PNOZ X2.8P 24-240VAC/DC 3n/o 1n/c Safety Relay

Code: 85H02027
Electric Actuator ; VB270 S85 100-240V potentiometer
Code: 85H02019
Electric Actuator ; VB190 S85 100-240V potentiometer
Code: 85H02011            
Electric Actuator ; VB110 S85 100-240V potentiometer

Model: 05/010/02/000SS
SAFETY LOCKING PIN SS316 ; Safety Locking Pin Type A / Surelock™

Cable ; 1pr 1.5mm² (CL2) Cu 300V XLPE/CAM/SWA/LSZH BLK

Code: 2L01012   M13, Ø10
Code: 2L34010 M13, Ø8
Code: 2L34008 M13, Ø6
Code: 2L34014 M17, Ø10
Code: 2L34011 M17, Ø8
Code: 2L03308 Ø12- Ø10
Code: 2L03307 Ø12-Ø8
Code: 2L0330S Ø10-Ø8
Code: 2L22004 TØ8
Code: 2L22003 TØ6
Code: 2L01012 M13,Ø10
Code: 2L010l0 M13,Ø8
Code: 2L01008 M13,Ø6
Code: 2L01013 M17,Ø10
Code: 2L01011 M17,Ø8
Code: 2L01009 Ml0,Ø8
Code: 2L01007 Ml0,Ø6

Code: 84873022
Monitoring Replay  C-Lynx  MWG 3x208/480 VAC

Replaced by: FP01/S1/M/32/NC/V/77A-24D/30/[M221]
Model Code: 1 litre per minute, Max Valve Pressure: Direct Acting, Spring Return, 345bar, Connections: Subbase mounting, Valve Configuration: 3 way, 2 position, Valve Configuration: Normally Closed, O-ring Material: Viton -20°C to +180°C, Solenoid: Ex d, Solenoid Approval: ATEX/IECEx Dual Certified, Voltage/Resistance: 24VDC, Override Options: Auto Reset, Power: 3.0 Watts, Cable Entry: M20 x 1.5 Cable Entry, Option: Standard, Manifold Option: 1/4" Manifold

Part No.: Flexy10100_00MA
Industrial Internet router - eWON Flexy101

Code: 3842992517
Belt = L=780 mm = belt mềm, có thể cuộn

Replaced by: W7076D4331
Valve (W7076C4331 is already changed to W7076D4331)
Model: W7076A3331

Code: 00566605
Inductive conductivity transmitter Type 8228
Port connection BC89 - G2 union nut; Body material PK - PEEK
Seal material FF - FKM; Sensor C5 - inductive sensor
Measuring range A - freely programmable
function sensor F1 - measurement
Design K - housing with plug M12 x 1, display
Voltage BDN - 12-36 volts; Frequency DC - DC
Output signal B - output current 4-20mA and OP
Special Feature:
IS23 - outputs: 1 x 4-20mA + 1 x transistor; T medium min -15 °C
T medium max 130 °C; T ambient min -10 °C; T ambient max 60 °C
Code: 00559614
Conductivity-transmitter; Type 8222-conductivity mini-transmitter
Port connection 0000 - not applicable
Body material PD - PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
Seal material 00 - without seal or no explanation
Sensor C2 - cell constant K=0,1
Measuring range A - freely programmable function sensor A7 - resistive conductivity measure - 2 electrodes
Design 2 - housing with plug M12 x 1
Voltage BDC - 14-36 volts ; Frequency DC - DC
Output signal B - output current 4-20mA and OP
Special Feature:
IS21 - outputs: 1 x 4-20mA + 2 x transisiors
KE07 - nut G1 1/2 PVC

Item no: 505350
Inverter BM4135-ST0-00300-03 Without Cards
Producer no: 00392016

Code: 84871122
Monitoring Relay C-Lynx  MIC 24-240 VAC/ DC

Code: RPS0850MR021A01
(RP-S-0850M-R02-1-A01) Temposonics R-Serie

Standard Code: PID00A-401-**
Note: phần ** mã số lô hàng,thay đổi tùy theo đợt hàng
(Order code: PID00A-401-17 CSF0F5)