Canneed Vietnam, CanNeed-CSS-2000A, CanNeed-CSS-2000A Canneed Vietnam, đại lý Canneed Vietnam


The CanNeed-CSS-2000A Seam Saw is a special seam circular saw with double cut for double seam inspections. The CanNeed-CSS-2000A was specially designed for aerosol cans.The nitrated blades achieve together with the speed of approx. 1.000 r/min. a very plain cut surface. The seam image on Caneed series Automatic Seam Computer (Video Seam Monitors), and automatic seam measuring systems gets thereby very clear and improves measurement speed and reliability.

Technical Parameter

Technical data (changes reserved):
Sample can dia. : 45-260 mm (Bigger by ordering)
Sample type : aerosol cans
Saw blades : 80 x 22 x 0,5 mm
Speed : approx. 1.000 r/min.
Power supply : 200 V
Power : 100 W
Dimensions : L370 x W340 x H200 mm
Weight : 20kg


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