Alphamoisture Viet Nam, SADPmini-SR-B-X-UK, Hand Held Dewpoint Meters SADPmini-SR-B-X-UK, đại lý Alphamoisture Viet Nam

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Alphamoisture Viet Nam

Model: SADPmini-SR-B-X-UK
ergonomic hand held portable dewpoint hygrometer featuring
Sensor Type  : Ultra High Capacitance Aluminium Oxide
Measuring Range :  -110°C to -20°C dewpoint or equivalent
Measuring Units : °C, °F, ppmv, ppbv, ppmw, g/m3, lb/MMSCF units
Operating Temperature : -20°C to +50°C
Operating Pressure : For use at atmospheric pressure (< 0.3 barg)
     Integral calculator to display pressure dewpoints
Power Supply  : Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
Display   : Multi line display with graphics capability.
Sample Connections      : Swagelok stainless steel compression fitting for ¼”, ⅛” or 6mm OD tube and a “push on” connector for 6mm ID sample tube. Automatic Calibration : “AutoCal” facility for span check and adjustment;  Single point calibration facility
Accuracy  : ±2°C Dewpoint
Included  : 2 metres of 6mm ID PTFE sample tube.
     Operating Instruction Manual
     Calibration Certificate (traceable to National/International
Humidity Standards)
(Model : Dew-point meter SADPmini ; Range: -1100C to +200C)